Anne Dalton,Esquire
Attorney at Law and Mediator

Welcome to Dalton Legal

I have been a practicing attorney for 39 years and a mediator/arbitrator for over 24 years, focusing on the legal and mediation-arbitration (ADR) needs of businesses, families and creative artists. I am currently the President Emeritus of the Lee County Bar Association and have served on the Executive Council of this organization for six years. Each year the President has the honor of determining a theme for her year. I declared 2015 as the Year of Professionalism and Ethics for all attorneys practicing in Lee County, Florida. Here are my practice areas:

    • Mediation and Arbitration
      Contracts, Property, Insurance, Malpractice, Probate, Guardianship, Business, Partnership and Corporate Matters, Divorce, Post-Divorce Matters, Parenting Plans, Child Support and Other Child-Related Issues
      Non-binding Arbitration in accordance with the requirements of Florida Statutes


    • Creative Arts
      General Counsel and Limited Counsel Services for Visual Artists, Writers, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Production Companies, Museums, Guilds and Societies; Contract Drafting and Review; Copyright Protection; Internet Review; Workshops and Keynote Presentations


    • Business Law
      General Counsel and Limited Counsel Services for Non-Profits, For-Profits, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships and Individuals; Contract Drafting and Review; General Business Law


    • Estate Planning
      Last Will and Testament; Health Care Surrogate; Living Will; Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney for Property Management
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